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March 31st, 2012

The Buddhist Heritage Research Foundation is the only Organization in India dedicated to updating the history and present day existence of the ‘forgotten Buddhist sites’ with an aim to produce modern academic information about them as well as assist the Government Department to promote them as pilgrimage sites.

Suresh Bhatia (A Peace Pilgrim)

The Foundation was started by Suresh Bhatia, better known as the ‘Peace Pilgrim’ in the year 2000, since then a number of sites have been explored and brought to the Tourist Map.
Presently a comprehensive survey has been conducted on the Buddhist sites of Bihar. The main reason to take up Bihar as a major project was that this State has the largest amount of sites that have been long forgotten. At present we are giving you a comprehensive account of sites in the Champaran District – most of them relate to the life of Siddhartha after the ‘Great Renunciation.’ In the near future we will be bringing you details of the sites and events on the next phase of the ‘to-be Buddha’s journey on his way to Enlightenment. After which we will be covering special stories on sites in Nalanda District, Bhagalpur, District of Magadh and many more places.

The ‘Peace Pilgrim’ is also in the process of writing a Book entitled “The Buddhist Heritage of Bihar.” The book will be a comprehensive photographic composition of the sites along with maps and other vital information of each area etc.

Earlier Suresh Bhatia has written a popular book on the Mahabodhi Temple – A World Heritage Site: Published by Pilgrim Books, Varanasi and one on Sarnath, Varanasi and Kausambi – published by Indica Books, Varanasi.

To cater for the requirements of Scholars working on similar subjects, the Foundation is in the process of setting up a Data Bank and Photo Library of rare visuals taken by the team. The Research material and Digital photographs will be made available for a fee which will go towards the support of the Foundation’s projects. Also being produced by the Foundation are a series of CD ROMs for devotees interested in the historical relevance of Buddhist sites. For details on how to obtain Research material, Digital visuals and CD ROMs,

please email: media [at]

We also invite International Buddhist Viharas, College and Universities to partake in our project to organize photo exhibitions on Buddhist Art, History and Sites in India. We are in a position to supply you with a wide range of quality photographs of Buddhist sites from all over India.
Donations towards the project will be welcome.

Please email your requirements to:
friends.buddhistheritage [at]
Suresh Bhatia (A Peace Pilgrim) and Ruchi, Rajesh The website is a joint venture between Rangoli Creation and the Buddhist Heritage Research Foundation; we invite your support for the exploration of forgotten Buddhist sites and frequent update of the portal which is largely a non-commercial venture. For details on how to make a donation

please email:
rangolicre [at]

The Buddhist Heritage Research Foundation looks forward to your active involvement in promoting the Portal.

With best wishes
Suresh Bhatia
(A Peace Pilgrim)


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